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Children of Morta gets a new free playable character

Published: 14:09, 25 June 2020
Dead Mage
Children of Morta
Children of Morta

Dead Mage and 11 bit studios announced that the Bergsons' House is now live, bringing along a free update that includes a brand new playable character.

Children of Morta is all about the Bergsons family and the eponymous mountain. The former now have an additional member and the latter has another protector, named Apan.

She is a mid-range champion that excels at providing support for her companions. Staff is Apan's weapon of choice but the whole support and spellcaster direction doesn't mean she is defenceless herself.

She can deliver "deadly mid-range strikes" and her special dash, named Asva Pulse, will give her control of the battlefield as enemies behind her will be "hindered in the dust".

Apan's spells have large AoE so she is perfect for bigger fights where she can use the abilities to their full potential. Meanwhile, all the members of Bergson family can benefit from her passive which boosts the effects of healing potions. 

Furthermore, the devs added a new system that lets the entire family gain shields from items, abilities and Apan's Rage skill. Overall, simply having her around will benefit the entire family greatly but that's not to say you shouldn't take her to a battlefield from time to time.

As the devs themselves noted, she is a "character with a unique skillset designed to play in single-player, but shine in co-op playthroughs.

There are other parts of the update as well as the developer roadmap update, all of which you can preview on the official Steam post .

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