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Children of Morta update introduces Family Trials mode

Published: 20:08, 07 April 2021
Dead Mage
Children of Morta
Children of Morta

Dead Mage updated Children of Morta with a new mode available to everyone, where we will get to control all the characters from the get-go.

Children of Morta received its biggest update on April 7, 2021, when the developers launched a new dungeon and a new game mode, called Family Trials. 

The mode is separated from the main game mode, which is story-focused since progression is a bit different here. Namely, all the members of the Bergson family are immediately unlocked and all their abilities are available from the get-go. 

Instead of focusing on the story and character progression, this mode puts emphasis on dungeon crawling of sorts. Players will need to complete the main objectives as well as the side objectives to advance to the next floor. These objectives can be something like protecting Rea labourers from the enemies or simply fighting in the arena for survival.

Furthermore, each level is completely randomised when you enter a new dungeon which should technically offer more replayability but it remains to be seen if this will hold up in practice.

Since you get access to all characters and their abilities immediately, this mode offers unprecedented potential for builds that can be useful for completing dungeon runs consecutively.

All of this will be taking place in Zyklus, the new and unique dungeon that is affected by Corruption. Due to its randomised nature, it's possible you will have to react to the surroundings on the fly as you won't be able to completely prepare for everything it can throw at you. Unless you're a fortune-teller, that is.

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