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CDPR: Focusing on releasing Cyberpunk 2077 was the wrong approach for PS4, XOne

Published: 18:35, 15 December 2020
Updated: 18:43, 15 December 2020
CD Projekt Red
Cyberpunk 2077, Night City streets
Cyberpunk 2077, Night City streets

CD Projekt Red have found themselves in quite the predicament over Cyberpunk 2077's performance on current-gen consoles, and they conceded their approach was the wrong one.

In the company's latest conference call, CDPR's CEO Adam Kicinski talked about the effect of the delays.

"After 3 delays, we as the Management Board were too focused on releasing the game. We underestimated the scale and complexity of the issues, we ignored the signals about the need for additional time to refine the game on the base last-gen consoles. It was the wrong approach and against our business philosophy", he said.

He added that by showing the game running mostly on PCs, console owners were given a wrong picture of how Cyberpunk 2077 runs on their devices. 

CDPR has poured a lot of time and effort into building their reputation as gamer-friendly, and the company is not oblivious to the effects of this launch on that. 

"This caused the loss of gamers’ trust and the reputation that we’ve been building through a big part of our lives. That’s why our first steps are solely focused on regaining those two things. We are concentrated on fixing Cyberpunk on last-gen consoles", Kicinski said. 

Kicinski promised "big updates" and a number of smaller fixes throughout January and February. He made it clear that CDPR are not encouraging players to refund Cyberpunk 2077 - they're hoping that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will give them a chance to make it right. 

CD Projekt Red Cyberpunk 2077 PlayStation gameplay promo image Cyberpunk 2077 PlayStation gameplay promo image

Cyberpunk 2077's current-gen troubles have led to CDPR's stock dropping , which has to do with the investors' concerns over future support for the game, including expansions and multiplayer.

Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Project Red, RPG in Cyberpunk 2020 universe

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Cyberpunk 2077

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