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New Rainbow Six Siege update brings massive nerf to Caveira

Published: 21:11, 16 January 2019
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Ubisoft's latest update for Rainbow Six Siege is now live on test servers and it brings significant changes to defending operator Caveira. Her pistol Luison has suffered decreased weapon damage and increased recoil and hipfire spread.

Apparently, Caveira's current win delta is just too high and Ubisoft decided to make her a little less frustrating opponent in the latest update which is live on test servers. The changes seek to put more focus on emphasizing her role as a stealth and precision operative.

One of the biggest changes will decrease the weapon damage of Caveira's special handgun - Luison. Previously, Luison's damage was set at 99 but now it's at 65 which is pretty significant and will certainly make the weapon less efficient. 

But the damage nerf is not the only change to Luison. Ubisoft also reduced the magazine size from 15 to 12 and adjusted the damage dropoff to align with other pistols for consistency.

On top of that, Luison suffered increased recoil change to make chaining shots at long-range a much harder challenge. Hipfire spread has also been increased to reduce the viability of spamming non-ADS (Aiming down sights) shots.

While Caveira won't be as powerful as before, other operators have received buffs which will make their weapons stronger. Clash's secondary weapon SPSMG9 has been changed into a pseudo-primary to give her a bit more efficiency and firepower which will hopefully help players in situations where they lack team support.

Kaid's AUG A3 has also been buffed with increased ADS speed by 33 per cent which will align the weapon with other submachine guns.

Speaking about the SMGs, MP5's maximum damage has been reduced from 30 to 27 which certainly won't please all the Docs and Rooks out there.

Ubisoft Picture of Kaid and Nomad from Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege - Kaid and Nomad

Along with these fixes, Ubisoft also addressed some level design and user experience bugs and you can read the full for more info on that.

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