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Carnival Hunt: an asymmetric horror game is getting a Kickstarter campaign

Published: 13:34, 18 August 2021
Beer Night Studio
Carnival Hunt key art depicting the the Carnival Monster, with logo
Carnival Hunt - Kickstarter campaign coming up soon

Carnival Hunt is an asymmetric horror game with a Kickstarter campaign coming up. Developers at Beer Night Studio set out to create a chilling experience for both the hunter and the hunted.

Beer Night Studio is an indie workshop currently gearing up to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund their asymmetric horror multiplayer game Carnival Hunt.

Carnival Hunt official reveal trailer

About Carnival Hunt

From what we've gathered (and what the devs have shared so far) Carnival Hunt will be an atmospheric multiplayer horror title with a different take on the asymmetrical subgenre. 

The players will have the choice of either playing as the Carnival Monster or one of the many Bunnies he chases all around the creepy premises. 

Bunnies - need to stay wound up to move and their only weapon against the Monster is playing dead. They can wind each other up and quickly hide the key before dropping to the ground once they hear Carnival Monsters' footsteps.

Carnival Monster - is a scary, hulking figure with hands that tremble and a face that just flat out refuses to defy gravity. Oh and also, the latest star of our nightmares. The official reveal trailer for the game came with a block of text offering up some description of Carnival Hunt and clued us in on the fact that the Monster itself is also trying to survive and, much like the Bunnies, needs a charge to do it - whatever that means.

Carnival Hunt Steam and Kickstarter

Carnival Hunt can now be wishlisted on Steam, with a release date set for sometime in 2022. The game's Kickstarter campaign isn't live yet, but there is a placeholder for it on the site.

Carnival Hunt on Steam.

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