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Call of Duty's Warzone battle royale rumoured for early March launch

Published: 20:09, 17 February 2020
modern warfare screenshot showing stealthy sniper
Call of Duty Modern Warfare

A lot has been said about what can safely be said is the imminent arrival of Call of Duty's battle royale title Warzone, and after all the legit screenshot and fake gameplay drama, rumour has it that we're looking at a early-March release.

By now, every metric you can think of shows that games with a battle royale mode do better, and every interview by default includes the question 'does your game have battle royale', so it's not that surprising to see Call of Duty: Modern Warfare go that route. 

Warzone's existence has been found in Modern Warfare's data files and ironically enough, it was Activision Blizzard who by trying to stop the leaked image from spreading, undeniably confirmed its existence, and here we are. 

According to Video Games Chronicle, Call of Duty: Warzone is a joint Infinity Ward and Raven Software effort, and although the earlier rumours suggested it's dropping any day now, the latest round of rumours claim we're still weeks away. 

If they're to be believed, the most likely release is in early March, provided there are not unexpected delays, something which nobody can guarantee these days. 

The same sources suggest that Call of Duty: Warzone will launch as a free standalone game, where players will have a chance to try out a lot of what the full package entails. The full package, of course, being Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and it goes without saying that the free version will include the option to upgrade. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare owners, on the other hand, will get Warzone via a menu tab that's currently greyed out.

Twitter artwork showing cod warzone logo and several characters Leaked Warzone artwork

Interestingly, it's said that Warzone is likely to share progression with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Battle Pass, with cosmetics and all, although we're yet to find whether there's any truth to this. Early March does sound exciting though, so we guess we'll see soon enough.

You can find VGC's piece here .

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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