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Call of Duty: Warzone's audio files and supply station equipment leaked

Published: 17:11, 13 February 2020
artwork showing cod warzone logo and several characters
Leaked Warzone artwork

Prominent Call of Duty leaker TheGamingRevolution posted a video which features what appears to be the first audio clip from Call of Duty battle royale mode Warzone.

Earlier this week, Season 2 finally arrived to Infinity Ward's shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The gigantic update added a ton of new content including new maps, weapons, operators and of course, a brand new battle pass for players to complete.

However, the biggest talking point of Season 2 is the rumoured battle royale mode, which is being teased by the developers. In the main menu, you will find which is apparently the battle royale mode and another proof of the mode's existence was found in , which shows a huge map, a plane and four characters parachuting into the battle.

On top of this, Call of Duty leaker , will be completely free-to-play and available as a direct download even if you don't own Modern Warfare.

Today, we have some fresh proof of Call of Duty battle royale. Once again the prominent leaker TheGamingRevolution shared some new findings. He posted a short video on Twitter, which reveals what appears to be the first audio clip from the mode. On top of this, there is a screenshot that showcases Supply Station equipment for Warzone, which can be purchased in-game.

Here is the full transcript of the audio file: "Locate more plunder. Plunder can be used at Supply Station to buy killstreaks and other special items. Get to the supply station."

Of course, until Activision reveal Call of Duty: Warzone, take this with a grain of salt. That being said, it would be really, really surprising if we do not get an official announcement in the next few days.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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