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Call of Duty Warzone update 1.29 reduces game file size, adds private matches

Published: 13:41, 10 November 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone screenshot showing Gulag showers
Call of Duty: Warzone - Gulag showers

Infinity Ward have today released a brand new patch for Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone. The patch adds private matches to Warzone with three available modes among other things.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War may be in the focus at the moment but this does not mean Modern Warfare and Warzone are not Activision's plans anymore. Quite the contrary, 

A new update has been released for Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone on all platforms and it's a pretty big one - around 33 GB on PlayStation 4. The biggest focus of this update is to reduce the overall size of the game on all platforms by 25 GB, which is not much but still, it's better than nothing. 

Infinity Ward explained that the update will separate out high-resolution textures into asset packs and bring support for next-gen consoles - Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. 

Additionally, those who have a lot and we mean a lot of friends will be happy to hear that Warzone now offers private matches. The feature is currently in a beta version and requires various player counts to start the match. There are three modes available at the moment:

  • BR – 50 players required to start (also has squad variations)
  • Plunder – 30 players required to start (also has squad variations)
  • Mini BR – 24 players required

Activision Call of Duty: MW/Warzone combatants Call of Duty: MW/Warzone, surprise!

Also, the update introduced new playlists and here's what changed in multiplayer and Warzone:

  • Modern Warfare:
    • Ground War
    • Gunfight
    • TDM Snipers Only
    • Hardpoint Hills and Kills
    • Shipment 24/7
    • Shoot House 24/7
  • Warzone:
    • BR Solos, Duos, Trios, Quads
    • Plunder Trios

Call of Duty: Warzone

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
COD: Warzone

You can find more details about the update 1.29 on Infinity Ward's blog.

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