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Call of Duty: Warzone hit by yet another banwave, dev promises more

Published: 15:23, 10 February 2021
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All three current Call of Duty titles have been upping their anti-cheat game, but the Warzone team seems to be the busiest, with yet another banwave landing yesterday.

The news comes from Raven Software, who have been sharing development duties with Treyarch, and they're clearly not big fans of cheaters.

"Another ban wave today across Warzone. Stepping up anti-cheat efforts on all fronts. More to come. Let’s keep Warzone clean!", they tweeted recently. 

Raven and Treyarch have so far organised quite a few banwaves, and we know that more than 300,000 players have been banned since Call of Duty: Warzone launched. 

Last week's banwave alone resulted in 60,000 cheaters removed from Call of Duty: Warzone, but the anti-cheat efforts have actually been even wider in scope than just in-game cheating.

We're talking about cheat makers, whom Activision Blizzard started taking on directly , and when you're facing an actual trial and gargantuan fines, the game changes somewhat. Granted, we're not big fans of using private investigators to intimidate people, but we're even lesser fans of people who make cheats, so yeah.

The truth remains, though, that there are entire businesses, and quite lucrative ones at that, revolving around cheating, and it was about time someone started going after them on all the fronts.

We've even seen developers join forces to go after cheat makers, as Riot Games and Bungie teamed up against a prominent creator of cheats for Valorant and Destiny 2.

 Raven Software are announcing even more to come, although we'll see whether that ends up making Call of Duty: Warzone safer from cheating. Judging by how fast they're catching up, though, it's more akin to an ongoing fight.

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