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Modern Warfare beta will have more keyboard and mouse settings

Published: 10:11, 26 August 2019
COD: Modern Warfare screenshot showing a tank and several soldiers
COD: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare closed and open beta test will feature more keyboard and mouse settings, louder enemy footsteps and more, Infinity Ward confirmed. The first beta test is set to start in just a couple of weeks on PlayStation 4.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare free alpha is behind us and the developer Infinity Ward are already looking to fix and adjust a bunch of issues and features for the next batch of tests, which come in just a couple of weeks in closed and open beta. 

In their latest Reddit post, the developer listed some of the fixed bugs and issues that were reported by players during the free alpha and also outlined their plans for stuff they plan to fix before the beta kicks off.

The devs said that the listed updates don't include everything that players reported over the weekend, but these the issues were frequently seen in the reports.

One of the most notable additions that will be available in the beta is more keyboard and mouse settings. Infinity Ward say that players will have more options, including key bindings once the beta kicks off.

Also, enemy and player footsteps should be much louder in the beta as Infinity Ward tweaked the audio and increased the sound of the footsteps. You can take a look at all planned changes below:

  • Player and Enemy Footsteps: Audio for first-person footsteps has been lowered and falloff audio for enemy footsteps has been raised. You’ll hear these changes in the upcoming Beta.
  • Enemy Nameplate Visibility: We’ve seen a lot of comments about how the enemy nameplate is sometimes visible behind cover and can make shooting at long distances a bit distracting. This is something we’re keeping an eye on and will continue to monitor as we move towards Beta.
  • "Proper English Welcome!" : This dialogue is currently playing too frequently at the beginning of each match. We’ll be tuning this to happen less often during the Beta.
  • Keyboard and Mouse Settings: These settings are not fully fleshed out in the Alpha. You’ll have more options, including key binding, when we hit the Beta in September.
  • Matchmaking and Faction Names Are Barely Visible: While in matchmaking, the text for “Searching for a Match” along with both Faction names are barely visible in the lobby. These will be easier to read in the Beta.

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