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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare adds Gun Game mode

Published: 09:07, 22 November 2019
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Latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update has introduced a fan-favourite mode Gun Game. It's a mode where players work their way through a series of weapons by scoring kills.

The latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update is now live on all servers and it's a pretty huge one. It's around 20 GB on PC and it brings a ton of changes, improvements and new additions including the much-requested Gun Game mode in Multiplayer.

Gun Game is a game mode that was initially introduced to Call of Duty series in the original Black Ops and since then it appeared in every Call of Duty game to this date. In the mode, players work their way through a series of weapons by scoring kills. 

Players usually start with a smaller weapon, like a handgun, and once a player scores a kill, they are immediately upgraded to a different, more powerful gun. If a player is killed by a knife, they are demoted one weapon tier. The first player to work their way through all the weapons wins the match. 

It's a fan favourite mode and the one that many Modern Warfare players asked for. It remains to be seen if the mode remains permanently in the game or it's just a part of the rotation. 

The update also brings Realism Moshpit to Multiplayer. Until now, Realism was only available in Team Deathmatch but with the latest additions, which include Domination, Hardpoint, Headquarters, Kill Confirmed, players will get a lot more variety in the "no-UI elements mode".

Modern Warfare patch brings a lot more tweaks, improvements and bug fixes and you can take a closer look at them in the full patch notes on Reddit .

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