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Call of Duty 2021 could be a sequel to COD WW2, according to reputable leaker

Published: 12:04, 17 February 2021
Sledgehammer Games
Call of Duty WW2 poster showing a soldier with a thousand yard stare.
Call of Duty WW2

Another day, another Call of Duty 2021 rumour. This latest one comes from reliable Call of Duty leaker Victor Z, who claims that this year's game could be a sequel to 2017's WW2.

Activision are yet to reveal details on the next Call of Duty game but it seems we have got first solid details about the setting and the development studio that are helming the project. According to reliable ModernWarzone and other leakers, Sledgehammer Games are developing Call of Duty 2021, which could be set in the 1950s.

Additionally, Tom Henderson from LongSensation YouTube channel claims that the game will feature Guerilla warfare with a gritty campaign. 

Today, we got a couple of new details about the game. Another respectable insider for all things Call of Duty, Victor Z has posted an artwork of 2017's Call of Duty WW2 with a sledgehammer emoji, hinting that the game could be a sequel to Call of Duty WW2.

If this is indeed true, then the information from Tom Henderson lines up. It's possible that the game could visit the Pacific Theater since 2017's title heavily focused on European locations and stories. Guerilla warfare also fits with this setting so it's safe to assume that this could be first solid information about the game.

Previously, we got reports hinting at a potential Advanced Warfare 2 game or even Modern Warfare sequel but it looks like we'll have to wait a couple of more years for such games.

Call of Duty: WWII The Resistance DLC

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Call of Duty: WWII - The Resistance DLC
Call of Duty: WWII The Resistance DLC


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