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Total War Three Kingdoms' Records mode brings realistic battles

Published: 18:21, 19 February 2019
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Total War Three Kingdoms

Total War Three Kingdoms new mode named Records aims to offer a realistic view of some historical events. To achieve this, CA reduced the power of heroes, making them more vulnerable and increase the fatigue of units among other things.

Creative Assembly earlier revealed that their upcoming turn-based strategy Total War: Three Kingdoms will feature two modes - Records and Romance. These modes will offer a unique gameplay experience to both players who prefer more traditional unit-centric Total War battles, and those who like strong heroes and a more casual experience.

The mode which got revealed in the latest gameplay video is Records. According to Creative Assembly's announcement, this mode "draws from 3rd century records of historical events" to bring a realistic representation of those battles and how they played out.

In Records mode, heroes won't have large health pools and units will fatigue much faster, reducing their maximum damage as they tire out. Creative Assembly's goal with Records mode was to emphasise and put more pressure on player's choices during battle.

Predicting your enemies behaviour and knowing when to invest energy may prove to be a big advantage in Records mode.

Records' battles can last up to 30 per cent longer and are played more "as a game of tactical chess than an all-out brawl".

The gameplay video shows the Ironfist warlord, Gongsun Zan against the opposing warrior Ma Chao, the loyal heir of Ma Teng. During the placement phase, we can see the developers placing their units around the settlement for a tactical advantage which ultimately led to a "pyrrhic victory".

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For those who are unfamiliar with Total War's Romance mode, it's a less realistic experience, completely the opposite from Records. Heroes are much stronger and can take on whole units all by themselves. They also have special abilities that can be used to turn the tide of the battle.

Additionally, Romance mode allows heroic battles in which the two opposing generals are able to engage each other without other units interfering.

For a closer look at the new Records mode, check the on Total War YouTube channel.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is out on 23 May 2019 for PC.

Total War Three Kingdoms, an iconic strategy by Creative Assembly

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