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Bye-Bye Boxboy for Nintendo 2DS and 3DS

Published: 12:22, 22 March 2017
HAL Laboratory
Bye-Bye Boxboy

Hal Laboratory is releasing their third game in the Boxboy franchise.

Bye-Bye Boxboy is the third entry in the Boxboy franchise, developed by Hal Laboratory, best known for their Kirby series.

The adorable puzzler uses tetris-like shapes to traverse over 180 levels. Crowns and medals collected thought the game serve to unlock new costumes. The costumes can also be unlocked with amiibo.

HAL Laboratory Bye-Bye Boxboy Bye-Bye Boxboy

Bye-Bye Boxboy is set to come out on the eShop this week, on 24 March with a pricetag of £4.49.



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