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Buy PS VR in the US and save £142

Published: 12:32, 19 February 2018
PS4 Pro and PS VR set
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In our unrelenting quest for all things cheap, we've come across an interesting offer and crunched some numbers. It just so turns out that people in the UK could save as much as 50 percent if they bought their PS VR in the US, rather than in the UK.

So, do you see him walking down Fifth Avenue? With a PS VR down at his side? Taking it everywhere he walks? No wonder - the darn thing would've relieved him of 80 quid had he bought it back home.

Well, £86.14, to be exact, which is the difference between the two once the currency conversion is out of the way. PS VR starter sets go for $300/£300, meaning that a Brit buying such a set in the US would pay only £214.

Sony Sony's VR headset. PSVR

US residents shopping around Great Britain, however, would have to shell out $420 for a PS VR set. We're talking about $120 worth of conversion cash - definitely not your petty cash.

In what seems like a subterfuge plot to rub VR salt into the UK's brexiting wounds, Sony revived its Christmas PSVR discount, bringing all sets down by $100. So, the newly priced $200 starter pack converts to as low as £142.56.

This means Limeys would save upwards of 50% of the price when compared to domestic pricing. It's not enough to buy a ticket to the US, or anything like that, but it IS a great deal. Guess it's time to start making friends in the Land of the Cheap, no?

Disclaimer: Note that we've intentionally ignored 10-20% pricing discounts, sticking to base pricing for our calculations. We're aware that VAT would make this deal somewhat less sweet, but at this point of number crunching - our head feels like a Hadron collider of numbers and percentages, so see you once we sniff out the next one.

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