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Broadcast network blames gamers for bad internet Down Under

Published: 17:05, 05 June 2018
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NBN case against gamers

Bill Morrow, CEO of the National Broadband Network from Australia, has recently blamed gamers for congestion issues plaguing their fixed wireless networks, demonstrating complete ignorance of facts ascertained by his own company earlier.

Speaking at a parliamentary hearing in Sidney, Morrow said NBN were pondering enforcing of a fair use policy in peak hours, in order to prevent network congestion issues from happening in the future. When asked who the culprits are then, Morrow said "gamer predominantly, on fixed wireless."

Morrow argued that when people play games, they require high bandwidth in a "steady streaming process", which when done en mass can be very taxing for the network. As such, game-related data packets would be restricted at peak hours. That's if there weren't for facts though.

NBN's or rather Morrow's reasoning is of course factually incorrect. In fact, NBN's own article from December 2016 actually breaks down online game usage data, ascertaining that an average online game uses up to 100 megabytes per hour, even though games like Destiny 2 can chew through a gigabyte per hour. Nevertheless, you can probably download more in memes without even trying. 

The company hoped accusations would allow them to "traffic shape", which means agreeing to offer gamers their services only when they are "not impacting somebody else." Unfortunately for him and thankfully for the gamers, Morrow was pressed further to provide more data incriminating devious gamers, but he produced no proof of his claims.

Instead, Morrow backpedalled on his statement, claiming he was simply referring to super users who consume a lot of data, regardless of who they may be. Seeing as how usage data has seen a steady growth since Netflix arrived Down Under, he may want to look elsewhere though.

Compulsion Games A police officer with a gas mask in festive settings from We Happy Few We Happy Few

We must admit, being a gamer in Australia isn't quite a dream come true these days, with the country's regulations often being strict on the gamers' expense. You may recall that We Happy Few have recently been , meaning the game may not be sold there, but at least they got we guess.

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