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Borderlands: Designer's Cut getting limited-time Arms Race events

Published: 23:28, 21 January 2021
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Borderlands 3: Designer's Cut, Arms Race
Borderlands 3: Designer's Cut, Arms Race

Gearbox are gunning for a strong start to 2021 so Borderlands 3: Designer's Cut owners are getting three weeks worth of limited-time modes, starting with Arms Race.

Borderlands 3 developer wanted to shake up the players' runs through the Stormblind Complex somewhat, so Arms Race will be kicking off the marathon on January 21, 2021. 

Gearbox provided the rundown of modes, theme and effects but you should know they're reserved for Borderlands 3: Designer's Cut owners. In other words, either buy the addon or go solo some missions. 

Week 1 - Clear Skies

Event duration: 9 AM PT January 21 to 8:59 AM PT January 28

As the name suggests, the Murdercane will slightly take the foot off the gas so players have more time to scavenge and explore. Enemies will be dropping better loot during the event too, so yeah. Bring a bigger boat.

Week 2 - Extra Extra Extraction

Event duration: 9 AM PT January 28 to 8:59 AM PT February 4

All extraction stations have an extra slot, so keep sucking out that gear. Furthermore, Air Drops will have a much higher chance to drop Dahl chests, and those are the most likely to come with Arms Race-exclusive gear. 

Gearbox Software Borderlands 3 Borderlands 3

Week 3 - Gear Rush

Event duration: 9 AM PT February 4 to 8:59 AM PT February 11

Over the duration of Gear Rush, Arms Races will be more likely to drop Rare Chests. Green Dahl chests, which you'll find scattered across the Stormblind Complex, have a slightly increased likelihood of dropping Arms Race-exclusive gear.  

Gearbox won't be giving them away on a platter, though, as the Murdercane will be even quicker than usual. 

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