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Borderlands 3 won't have cross-play at launch, it may come later

Published: 07:13, 16 July 2019
Gearbox Software
Picture of powerless Lilith in Borderlands 3
Borderlands 3 - Lilith lost her tattoos and presumably powers

Gearbox Software boss Randy Pitchford confirmed that Borderlands 3 won't feature cross-play support on launch. However, Pirtchord confirmed that the studio is committed to support cross-play with their partners as soon as practicable.

PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players won't be able to play Borderlands 3 together on launch. Question about cross-play support for Gearbox's highly anticipated RPG have been asked after the game's official Twitter profile revealed a teaser for some kind of event, inviting players to join the team in "celebration of togetherness".

The event takes place today - 16 July 2019 - and many thought that this could be cross-play support reveal. However, Gearbox Software boss, Randy Pitchford confirmed via his Twitter profile that this is not the case for tomorrow, but the team are committed to bringing cross-play to Borderlands 3 in one of the post-launch updates.

"Some folks may be speculating that this thing tomorrow may be about cross-play. Tomorrow’s thing is awesome, but *not* about cross-play. But, Good News: We are committed to supporting cross-play for Borderlands 3 with our partners as soon as practicable after launch," Pitchford said.

He also made it clear that conversations are ongoing with their partners to make the feature possible on as many platforms as possible. "To be clear, there will not be any cross-play functionality in Borderlands 3 at launch as we work closely with our partners to create a positive cross-play experience as soon as practicable. We are committed to cross-play on as many platforms as possible," Pitchford concluded.

According to Pitchford, the publisher 2K Games make all the decision about platform partnerships, which could also include cross-play support. Pitchford confirmed earlier this year that he and Gearbox are very keen on cross-play and would love to see it in Borderlands 3. 

Gearbox Software Picture of Zane from Borderlands 3 Borderlands 3 - Zane

Borderlands 3 supports four-player co-op and cross-play looks like a realistic possibility at the moment. However, until Pitchford or Gearbox officially announce it, we can only hope that Sony and Microsoft can once again agree on this delicate matter.

Borderlands 3 is an Action RPG by Gearbox Software

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