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Borderlands 3 gets a teaser ahead of PAX 2019 appearance

Published: 15:06, 27 March 2019
A mask composed of Borderlands 3 characters
Borderlands 3

It's been a while since Borderlands 3 hopes have been hanging on bits here and there but we now seem to be heading for a proper reveal on PAX 2019, as Gearbox rolled out a teaser trailer called Mask of Mayhem. More info is coming tomorrow.

As you can see, the trailer doesn't really reveal much about the game itself, but it should be enough to last you until tomorrow when we hopefully see the full reveal of Borderlands 3.

The teaser trailer does a good job to tease, although it never exactly says Borderlands 3, so we're not exactly sure whether Gearbox will be taking some liberties with the naming, such as calling it like the teaser trailer, i.e. Borderlands: Mask of Mayhem.

What it does say is that "mayhem is coming" and that everyone is welcome to tune in on Thursday, 28 March at 2pm Eastern, which is 7pm CET or 6pm in the UK.

There are a few familiar characters in the trailer, which you should recognise if you played any of the earlier instalments in the Borderlands franchise. However, there seem to be a few new ones as well, presumably playable, although it's probably pointless to speculate with the truth one day away.

All the characters in the trailer, however, are raw 3D models and they seem to be trapped in what we presume is the Mask of Mayhem. We're not sure whether this is intended to be a part of the narrative, but either way - it undeniably looks cool, and the raw look seems to add to the whole deal.

This is, of course, not the first time Gearbox have been teasing Borderlands 3, and we've been on the lookout ever since the company posted their on Twitter.

At the time, Gearbox also confirmed they'll be attending PAX 2019 and that they'll use the opportunity to share "never-before-seen reveals, exclusives, and surprises".

Gearbox picture showing a table with a date and location Gearbox's tease

Needless to say, they definitely seem to have gotten everyone's attention and we've no doubt plenty of eyes will be locked onto Gearbox's PAX 2019 appearance.

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