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Borderlands 3 has 35 hours of main story without many side quests

Published: 17:29, 22 June 2019
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Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3, Gearbox's cel-shaded prince of looter shooters, will be taking up 35 hours of your time, and that just the main part with 'not too many' side quests involved, said the company's creative director Paul Sage in an interview.

Sage told VentureBeat that the development team weren't short of ambition, quite the contrary.

"There's so much to the game. We go to these different worlds. The length of the game being 35 hours, if you just go through the main story - that's not including doing too many side missions. I think there was a lot of ambition right at the beginning", he said.

Borderlands 3's predecessor has launched seven years ago and we've seen plenty of shooters move the proverbial goalposts in many aspects, and Gearbox made sure to apply a fresh coat of innovation in development.

"We'd seen so many good shooters come out. Titanfall 2, a rocking shooter, and all these other games. We wanted to make sure our controls felt just as smooth. We added mantling and sliding, but it's just as much about how I move that cursor around. Does it feel good? Do I feel like I'm a good player?", he said.

Borderlands 3 gameplay brings a few novelties as well, like the fact that you'll be leaving Pandora quite often and that we're no longer talking about a vault, but rather vaults. 

Gearbox took quite a few liberties in designing non-Pandora environments, but not all ideas made it in the game.

"One person was talking about this big turtle island, where the whole thing is on a living creature. I thought that was really cool, but I don't think we could have pulled it off in the time we have. It's great to dream, but the time just wasn't there", he added.

Gearbox Software Picture of powerless Lilith in Borderlands 3 Borderlands 3 - Lilith lost her tattoos and presumably powers

Asked what can we expect Claptrap to do this time around, Sage laughed and said it's more like - what can't we expect? "Claptrap is at his best when he’s at his worst, and he’s at his worst when he’s at his best. That’s the secret of Claptrap", he said.

You can find the full interview .

Borderlands 3 is an Action RPG by Gearbox Software

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