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Bloodborne might be coming to PC according to leaked screenshots

Published: 12:29, 21 May 2023
Bloodborne might be coming to PC
Bloodborne might be coming to PC

The screenshots spotted on the Bloodborne fandom wiki website indicate that this PlayStation exclusive from From Software might be coming to PC after eight years of PlayStation exclusivity.

The leaker and streamer Lance McDonald posted on his Twitter account interesting information regarding the PC version of From Software 's PlayStation exclusive Bloodborne . According to him, the environment artist from From Software, Marcos Domenech, posted some screenshots on the Bloodborne fandom wiki website, taken from the retail PC build of Bloodborne.

He said that many Bloodborne artists actually use the internal Windows build of the game for their work, but they rather use what is called an early "Project Beast" era build, while these screenshots are taken from the full retail PC version of the game. The indicator is the loading icon shown on the edge of the screen.

The next indicator, as Lance McDonald claims, is how the screenshots are named. Each screenshot is named "SPRJ-win64," which is the file name convention the game uses when you take a screenshot in the debug menu. The screenshots were also taken using the debug camera, to which no one had access until the release of the latest patch a month ago, which also clearly indicates that they used the full version of the game.

Lace also claims that the screenshots he saw were taken in the "Fishing Hamlet" level and that it is definitely the full version of the game he is talking about, along with the DLC fully running on PC.

Bloodborne was published in 2015 for the PlayStation 4 console and received the BAFTA Award for Best Video Game Design the same year. If the rumors are true and we do get Bloodborne on PC, it will be another in a long line of PlayStation exclusives that have made their way to the PC platform, and given the quality of Bloodborne, we have no doubt that it will be a big success.


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