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BlizzConline gets a trailer and more details

Published: 08:42, 02 February 2021
Blizzard Entertainment
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Blizzard have rolled out a trailer for this year's BlizzCon, or BlizzConline as the company named it, where they gave fans a heads up on what to expect.

BlizzConline is slated for February 19 and 20, 2021, and it should be a special day for more than one reason. The studio is celebrating its 30 anniversary this year, and it's the first time their flagship show has gone purely online. 

Nevertheless, Blizzard claim to have been up to the task, creating the sort of experience worthy of their name. So, the company will be replacing stages with channels, where you'll be free to pick your poison.

Fans visiting the show on the first day, February 19, will see Blizzard's dev teams lining up for deep dives into their respective games, which should bring an announcement or two. 

Day two of BlizzConline will start with global Q&As on top questions and comments, community showcases, and a heap of other content.

All of BlizzConline will be available for viewing and download after the show, so there's no need to worry over what you'll miss out on. 

Blizzard have already confirmed a few games that are guaranteed to hog the spotlight, the first one undoubtedly being Diablo 4, a hopefully iconic instalment in an iconic franchise. The devs said that they'll deliver their next update on BlizzConline and it includes a new version of the campfire scene. 

Blizzard Overwatch 2, not here for drinks obviously! Overwatch 2, not here for drinks obviously!

Overwatch's Jeff Kaplan confirmed that BlizzConline will feature plenty of info on Overwatch 2, as the fans were already wondering what happened to the much-publicised sequel. 

It goes without saying that there will be World of Warcraft content, a healthy dose of Hearthstone, and we're expecting to see some Diablo Immortal as well. It will be interesting to see how the company handles the latter, considering how they fared during the announcement. 

Diablo IV gallery of screenshots from BlizzCon's announcement trailer

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