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Blizzard tweaks five Hearthstone cards to better fit lore

Published: 17:31, 04 July 2018
Blizzard Entertainment
A castle
Hearthstone Witchwood - Gloomy castles ahead

Hearthstone lovers are looking at several changes Blizzard is introducing to their favourite card trading game. Don't expect radical changes though, since most of them are currently aimed at consolidating cards into appropriate classes.

The changes are a result of community based interventions, as devoted, eagle eyed players correctly pointed out some irregularities. While it'd be easy to disregard these as irrelevant, the Hearthstone faithful most certainly know what they're talking about.

So, Molten Giant and Mountain Giant cards will now be classified as elementals, which does indeed make sense. Both cards strongly suggest elementals, even on the pictures, which means that the cards will now synergise much better with other elemental card buckets.

Witchwood Piper has also received a new classification, again correctly assigning it among demons. Again, just looking at the card makes it pretty clear it's a demon. No, not because it's a woman.

North Sea Kraken will keep on crackin' as a beast from now on, which seems about right for the creature. On the other hand, Jungle Moonkin have been removed from the beast category, seeing as how "Moonkin are in fact intelligent humanoids".

There's been some discussion regarding the Witchwood Grizzly and Arfus, seeing as how the jury was out on whether they're beasts or not. So, the Grizzly will get updated art, to better reflect the fact that he's a bear. Also, pretending you're dead doesn't work with him. I tried. Arfus will remain unchanged though.

Blizzard reminded that since the changes they're introducing do not affect power levels, they will not be offering full Arcane Dust refunds. You know, just in case you were trying to pull a omg-Blizzard-pls manoeuvre to get your Dust back.

Blizzard Selection of cards undergoing minor changes in Hearthstone Hearthstone

Having said that, Hearthstone's Witchwood expansion is firing on all cylinders and there aren't many substantial changes the dev really needs to make. Don't underestimate the current ones though, because with so many cards in play, synergy opportunities often may mean the difference between a proper spanking and going away smiling around your head.

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