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Blizzard and GOG bring back the original Diablo game

Published: 16:25, 07 March 2019
Promotional image for Diablo from 1996

GOG and Blizzard worked together on bringing a classic action RPG back to the table as they launched Diablo on 07 March 2019. The game offers two modes, each of them catering to either nostalgic fans or fans who want it a little modernized.

GOG lives up to its base name, Good Old Games, as they launched a, well, good old game named Diablo in partnership with Blizzard. It was on top of the wishlist for a while now and it appears that GOG listened to their user base bringing Diablo in a digital version, as in no-disc version, for the first time ever.

Then again, it is DRM-free so nothing is stopping you from putting it on an actual disc. Diablo will take up 643 MB of space according to the description on GOG so you can even burn it to a good old-fashioned Compact Disc, provided you can find and buy one.

There will be two modes you can play Diablo in. One is the legacy mode that will run just like the '96 version with matchmaking going through an old build of The other one will be compatible with Windows 10 and have several bug fixes along with support for higher resolutions. Everyone used small CRT monitors in '96, remember? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Speaking of operating systems, GOG lists Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 as compatible. If you were for some reason worried about system requirements, just remember the game came out 23 years ago. Your smartphone exceeds the required specifications several times over, let alone your PC.

When it comes to gameplay, it will feel old and clunky so don't be too harsh on it if you are a newcomer - this is an opportunity to experience the game as the hardcore fans did all those years ago.

Blizzard Screenshot take from the original Diablo game Diablo

Diablo costs $10 on GOG and will take you back to the glorious land of pixels that was top of the line over two decades ago. You can check more info out on the game's .


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