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Bleeding Edge achievements have been revealed

Published: 13:13, 23 March 2020
Ninja Theory
Bleeding Edge
Bleeding Edge

Ninja Theory and Microsoft revealed the achievements for the upcoming team brawler, Bleeding Edge. So far they look a bit too straightforward and not too hard to get.

Bleeding Edge's achievements should prove to be easy to get just by playing the game, without specifically focusing on them. The achievements consist of simple milestones that will eventually come by just playing, with the only hitch ever being the role choice for a milestone or two.

Bleeding Edge achievements are:

  • Certified - Play all the tutorials (50 points)
  • Gnarly! - Equip a new board (30 points)
  • Custom Fittings - Make a new Mod build for any fighter (70 points)
  • A Winner Is You - Win a match (30 points)
  • Dime in the Pocket - Play 10 online matches (100 Points)
  • Fiddy - Get 50 kills (120 points)
  • Hurt Locker - Deal 200,000 damage (200 points)
  • First Aid - Heal 200,000 health (200 Points)
  • Battery-Powered - Hand in 100 cells (100 points)
  • Territorial - Capture 50 objectives (100 points)

Ninja Theory Bleeding Edge - Gizmo Bleeding Edge - Gizmo

It may be too early to start guessing but at the time of writing it looked like the achievements would be finished by the time you get Dime in the Pocket, with the exception of First Aid or Hurt Locker/Fiddy, depending on whether you prefer healers or damage dealers. 

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