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Bleeding Edge's newest character is a crab-walking dolphin

Published: 10:28, 06 March 2020
Ninja Theory
Bleeding Edge - Mekko
Bleeding Edge - Mekko

Ninja Theory are going all out with the weirdness when it comes to Bleeding Edge character design. The latest one is Mekko, a dolphin in something that resembles a mech suit that will face off against the other augmented creatures.

Zero Cool used to be the youngest character in Bleeding Edge's lineup as his bio states the Brazilian is just 16 years old. Mekko has now taken the title as this dolphin is just 10 years old. Then again, it is a dolphin so at least Zero Cool is the youngest human around.

Anyway, since the cadaver of a 125-year-old doctor accompanied by a mechanical snake is not weird enough, Ninja Theory decided to add Mekko - a dolphin that is piloting a mech suit that walks around like a crab.

The dolphin is apparently a result of some experiments by a devious corporation and was meant to be a weapon that destroys humans. It is now at odds with itself since it found out that some humans are friendly.

As for the abilities and play style, Mekko is a ranged tank that uses a sonar gun and blocks damage with bubbles. Blocking damage with bubbles charges up Power Orbs, which can then be spent to empower special abilities.

One ability is Lifeline, which marks an ally so Mekko can redirect a portion of damage they receive to himself. Activating the ability again will yank the ally to his position. Empowered Lifeline grants a shield.

Safety Zone marks a portion of the battlefield where Mekko and allies gain armour and lifesteal. When empowered, the zone will reduce the enemies' healing.

Surge is a forward dash that knocks enemies in Mekko's path. It also heals the dolphin provided it was empowered.

Super abilities include Sonic Barrage which deals heavy damage to enemies and pushes them back as well as Exclusion Bubble which makes an enemy trapped and unable to deal damage. However, their allies can shoot the bubble to destroy it.

You can check out more about the crab-walking dolphin on Mekko's profile page .

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