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Bleeding Edge release trailer comes ahead of launch date

Published: 22:47, 19 March 2020
Ninja Theory
Bleeding Edge - Mekko
Bleeding Edge - Mekko

Bleeding Edge release is approaching and Ninja Theory put up a release trailer that should explain how the augmented beings in the game came to be.

Ninja Theory used another opportunity to brandish Bleeding Edge's motto of "Team Up. Cause Chaos" which pretty much describes the usual match of this team-based brawler.

The characters that have been revealed so far are all chaotic in their own way, ranging from a grandma on a floating bubble, over a dolphin in a mech suit to more-than-a-century-old cyberzombie in a cybersnake's body.

When it comes to brawling, it's a bunch of people in one place spamming their abilities while trying to figure out the best team composition for the next match or why the current one may or may not be working well.

While the release trailer came on 19 March 2020, the actual release is on 24 March 2020. Those preferring to play the game on Steam can get the game for $29.99 while those who don't mind getting it directly from Microsoft may want to think twice about purchasing. It is one of the Xbox Game Pass titles so if you happen to be a subscriber, you will get it for free as long as the subscription is running.

Despite Bleeding Edge stretching across several platforms and PC stores, everyone will be able to enjoy it together. Microsoft emphasised the game's cross-play capabilities, meaning that it will have one unified player base.

It is currently unclear if Xbox Game Pass is the reason why Bleeding Edge is not hot property on Steam at the moment but those worrying about the game running out of players to have fun with should keep in mind that it stretches beyond just PC or Xbox One.

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