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Black Mesa Xen open beta dates officially confirmed by devs

Published: 15:01, 08 July 2019
Updated: 15:39, 08 July 2019
Black Mesa - Xen

Half-Life remake Black Mesa from the developers Crowbar Collective will have public beta test starting on 01 August 2019. The beta will include the first two chapters of Xen campaign while other chapters will also arrive shortly after.

Fan-made Half-Life recreation dubbed Black Mesa has been in development for quite some time now but fortunately, the devs Crowbar Collective are getting close to finally releasing the full version of their project.

Originally released on Steam's Early Access in 2015, Black Mesa is currently only a couple of chapters from being finished, and players will have a chance to try some of these chapters next month.

The developers officially announced that an open beta test will go live on 01 August 2019, in which, players will test the first two chapters of Xen campaign. Shorty after that Crowbar Collective will also host other open beta for the rest of the chapters - Interloper, Nihilanth and Endgame.

Unfortunately, they did not share any specific dates for these, but they did say that we should expect them a couple of weeks after Xen and Gonarch's Lair chapters.

As always, the devs ask those who want to help them with testing to take part in the beta, otherwise, you should hold out a little longer to try out the game.

Crowbar Collective spent the last couple of months on fixing bugs and issues that appeared in early builds of the game as they continue to polish and balance features for the final release.

The devs also mentioned that a lot of issues have been resolved with the help of the community. "We have already fixed a large number of the issues reported, including some we never would have found on our own. The amount of quality feedback from our community has prompted us to update our release plans," it's written in the update on Steam.

Youtube picture showing a cave in black mesa: xen Black Mesa: Xen

If the fan-made remake of Half-Life sounds and looks good to you, the game is available for only 7,19 € on Steam Summer Sale, which is a 60 per cent discount from the original price.

You can read the full progress update on Black Mesa .

Half-Life fan-made remake Black Mesa is coming 2019

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