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Latest Black Desert Online update promises high end drops

Published: 10:21, 05 April 2018
Updated: 17:01, 17 June 2019
Kakao Games
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Black Desert Online

South-East Asia is the last region that got to play Black Desert Online, being able to play since 17 January 2018. Pearl Abyss are looking to speed up the region and catch up with the rest of the world as they finally add Field Bosses.

Field Bosses are one of the biggest challenges in the game, but they also carry some of the best loot Black Desert Online has to offer. There are four Field Bosses in total - Red Nose, Dastard Bheg, Giant Mudster and Dim Tree Spirit that appear in specific map locations. They work similar to Guild Wars 2's World Bosses, since players need to be at the exact location, within the time window the boss will spawn in. Keeping a Boss timer in one of the tabs on a web browser may help players with this endeavour.

Successfully taking down any of the four bosses will give players a chance at scoring some sweet loot. Players may want to include sacrificing goats to RNG gods in preparation for the boss encounters, as the only way they will get the high end armour is through a Boss Defense Gear Box, which is not a guaranteed drop. These boxes will yield items such as Dim Tree Spirit's Armor or Beg's Gloves.

Kakao Games Player engages in combat with the Field Boss Dastard Bheg in Black Desert Online. Black Desert Online

Additional complications may arise if players engage in a Guild War at the boss' spawn point. It is highly recommended they party up so they can't damage each other during the fight or to simply change the channel. 

Pearl Abyss have also announced that Patrigio Night Vendor will be popping up in the game soon, so players will be able to gamble their energy for a chance of earning a rare item. Each roll will cost 50 energy. As the name implies, the Night Vendor will not appear during the day.

Kakao Games Player is gambling with Patrigio Night Vendor in Black Desert Online. Black Desert Online

Mysterious Lake Ellie festival has also commenced, complete with the event quests that award themed rewards. This patch will be approximately 800 MB in size.

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