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You can create Mass Effect artwork with favourite characters now

Published: 20:08, 06 May 2021
Mass Effect Legendary Edition art
Mass Effect Legendary Edition art

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is about one week away from release now and BioWare allowed the fans to create their own art work, based on which characters you like and how much.

Mass Effect series is filled to the brim with memorable characters and many of them are on Commander Shepard's strike teams throughout the trilogy. As such, they were subjects to many lists of favourite companions overall, best romance options, best friends and more over the years.

Now you can take your list and turn it into Mass Effect artwork thanks to the promotional website set up by the developers. To create an image of your own, just click the provided link and you will get two options - either create artwork based on your preferences or have the site create a piece randomly.

Should you choose to create an image based on your own choices, the first one will be about your personality throughout the series. You can choose between Paragon, Neutral or Renegade, which will decide the background colour, with Neutral featuring both blue and red.

Favourite Squadmates is the second option you get to choose and these two will be featured most prominently next to Shepard's helmet in the final image.

Trusted Companion choice will be next, followed by The Cavalry and finally The Backups. After picking all your favourite squaddies, there is an option to choose the background image with some of the iconic locations.

Overall, it's a fun little tool to mess around with and eventually get a beautiful wallpaper from.

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