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Battlezone VR gets a Classic Paint Job on December 20th

Published: 15:33, 16 December 2016
Updated: 15:10, 09 February 2017
Battlezone - Classic Mode

Battlezone VR takes you back to 1980, in an homage to the roots of virtual reality

Battlezone is getting a free update on December 20th. have added new levels, missions and a game codex to the game, but the star of the update is definitely the wireframe callback to the game that started it all back in 1980. Classic Mode aims to create a blend of old-school elements with modern design sensibilities, while retaining the feeling of being right there, that the old arcade game was so famous for.

"The original 1980 cabinet used an old-school cathode-ray vector and recreating the glowing green lines using our modern in-house engine required some workarounds. Rather than make a brand-new wireframe renderer, we modelled wireframe tanks in 3D and used cunning trickery to keep the lines the same thickness, whether they were near or far away. Making something new feel retro is never as easy as it looks!", said lead programer Richard May in a PlayStation Blog .

Battlezone VR - Classic Mode Battlezone VR - Classic Mode

If you feel like beating some high scores, Battlezone is 30% off at the PlayStation Store until December 20th.

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