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Battlefield 1 livestreams daily until launch

Published: 14:37, 11 October 2016
Updated: 13:39, 09 February 2017
Battlefield 1 takes the franchise back to World War 1
Battlefield 1 takes the franchise back to World War 1

EA to livestream Battlefield 1 gameplay every day between today and October 21

Want to get ready for the Battlefield 1 launch on October 21st? You're in luck - publishers EA will be showing gameplay livestreams every day from today 12) until launch day.

The streams are so will do more than simply show off how damn good it looks, and will show game types, missions, tip sessions, and 'Only in Battlefield' highlights from the beta.

They will be accessible on the Battlefield daily between 1pm and 3pm Pacific Time, which equates to 9pm to 11pm for London.

Here's the schedule:

Today: Play first trial exclusive look (specially relevant for Origin Access members who get early access tomorrow, October 13th)

October 13: 64-player battle for Amiens - BF1 play first trial

October 14: Operations squad up

October 15: Through Mud & Blood playthrough

October 16: Everything you need to know about operations

October 17: Battlefield 1 tips from Dice

October 18: Only in Battlefield moments - beta highlights

October 19: Meet the Battlefield stream team

October 20: Press 'X' to squad up

October 21: Let's Play! Worldwide release Battlefield 1 is available for , , and  

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