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Battlefield 6 leaker deletes several videos after Twitter suspension

Published: 19:54, 22 February 2021
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Battlefield 6 leaker who's so far shared a number of details on the development of Dice's shooter seems to be in EA's sights, as his Twitter account has been suspended.

In absence of information from the official channels, most of the information related to the next instalment of Battlefield came from prominent leakster Tom Henderson, who is well known for his Battlefield and Call of Duty reports. 

Unfortunately, it looks like his reporting on Battlefield 6 rubbed EA the wrong way, as his Twitter account has been suspended. Henderson clarified the situation via his new Twitter profile, explaining that he had to remove some YouTube videos to protect himself.

"I'm seeing a lot of conspiracy theories flying around about what happened with my Twitter and the answer is simple; My Twitter was suspended and I received a heads up as to why, so I've protected myself before/if things progressed. I'm still waiting on official word from Twitter", he tweeted. I standby everything I've stated previously, but I just needed to remove the source of the content."

Henderson has thus far reported that Battlefield 6 will be a sort of soft reboot of the series and heavily inspired by one of the iconic instalments, Battlefield 3. He said the name could simply be Battlefield, which would support the soft reboot theory.

His last Battlefield 6 report talked about 128 players on PC and next-gen consoles, albeit the game should also launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Playing it on PC or next-gen consoles will be worth it though, as Dice are reportedly implementing a next-gen destruction system that should make the game even more realistic than it is. 

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