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Battlefield 2042's Hazard Zone will be a mix between Escape from Tarkov & Hunt Showdown

Published: 19:16, 13 August 2021
Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone is a battle-royale hybrid
Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone is a battle-royale hybrid

Battlefield 2042 data miners have managed to discover fresh information regarding Hazard Zone, which seems to be a combination of Escape from Tarkov and Hunt Showdown.

Earlier this week, EA have hosted the first Battlefield 2042 technical alpha, which is under strict NDA and has not even been publicly revealed by the publisher. However, as you may know, some players who participated in the technical test have decided to break the NDA and share gameplay online as well as some other details.

And that's not the only problem for EA when it comes to technical alpha. Battlefield 2042 data miners have started to discover all sorts of interesting info in the technical test game files. Data miner temporyal has discovered interesting details about the Hazard Zone mode and shared his findings on Twitter.

Data miner states that Battlefield 2042 may not have maps specifically made for Hazard Zone. Instead, it appears that the mode will be playable on standard maps, that EA and Dice already revealed. 

"Hazard Zone seems to be indeed a mix between Escape from Tarkov & Hunt Showdown. The Orbital map in Battlefield 2042 has built-in support for this game mode. Other known locations can't be verified without additional data. No sign of a Hazard Zone exclusive map available."

Additionally, data miner reveals that players will be able to leave the Hazard Zone by using an extraction zone (landing zones for helicopters that can be claimed and activated). If it happens that playxers miss the helicopter, the extraction can fail. Temporyal speculates that Hazard Zone currency is probably the key to expand your weapon, gadget and perk collection.

EA and DICE plan to reveal more Hazard Zone details as we get closer to the launch. We suggest you take these data mined files with a grain of salt until then.

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