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Battlefield 2042 PC and PS5/XSX crossplay announced

Published: 00:45, 15 July 2021
Updated: 00:50, 15 July 2021
Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042

EA revealed a pile of new information about Battlefield 2042 and noted that cross-play will be around as early as technical test days for the game.

Technical Playtest will include "a subset of cross-play functionality" in Battlefield 2042 , meaning we will be able to get a glimpse of the system long before the game even releases. That said, hiccups are almost expected since this is a playtest after all so don't get all disillusioned if you and your friends are not able to play smoothly this early.

One caveat for cross-play will remain with BF2042 eve through release - PC, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will be able to play with each other but not with PS4 and Xbox One. The reason for this has to be the dated hardware on older consoles as it's also the cause of not being able to play with up to 128 players in a single session. 

More importantly, each platform will be able to opt-out of cross-play so if you don't want to mess with different input methods from various platforms or their potential advantage, you can just play with others who have the same system.

Anyway, cross-play will be accompanied by cross-progression and cross-commerce, meaning all your progress from one platform can be carried to another, including the microtransactions. On that note, there are some restrictions that apply to carrying purchases between platforms .


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