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Trailer: Battlefield 1 single-player - war is hell, but sure looks nice in new cinematic

Published: 09:45, 28 September 2016
Updated: 13:33, 09 February 2017

First glimpse of the multiplayer favourite's solo mode brings to life individual stories amid the chaos of war

After months of the hype steam train running at full speed for the multiplayer modes of EA's new throwback shooter Battlefield 1, check out the for the game's single-player campaign mode. 

Battlefield games have always placed multiplayer at the centre of the experience and been accused of skimping on the single-player mode (if they even had it - BF2 had none) but the new game's story looks to have everything needed to introduce us to the trenches, deserts, and shattered landscapes of WW1.

The theme running through it are of the stories of the four main characters we can expect to feature heavily in the campaign mode, as a human element is brought to the mincing machine of early 20th century war. Not a lot of detail to the story so far mind you.

The studio says it didn't feel right to have a superhuman central figure that was able to flit and fight through every theatre of a war that spanned continents and nationalities, so split the player experience across . We'll see how it all ties together, but so far it's looking good.

Fan response has been good too, with about 1 in 10 views resulting in a like.


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