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Barack Fu the free DLC for Shaq Fu has been added to your game

Published: 19:39, 30 June 2018
Big Deez Productions
Ex POTUS Barrack Obama is laying waste to some Frenchies
Barrack Fu: Adventures of Dirty Barry

Owners of Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn have been treated to a free DLC that they will find when they boot up the game. It is called Barack Fu: The Adventures of Dirty Barry and it will send players to beat French clichés in search for Con-Ye.

Many people criticise Shaq Fu for trying too hard to be funny and parody everything, but this is also one of the game's biggest strengths. This tradition continues with Barack Fu as the bonus game will make fun out of Barack himself, Paris Fashion Week, Kanye West, Batman v Superman, Uranus and many more things. The list is simply too long to write it all down.

The game also gives us a new protagonist, Barack Obama, who evidently knows some martial arts but is also armed to the teeth, unlike Shaq. Ex-POTUS' arsenal ranges from revolvers, over MAC-10s and rifles to the over-the-top armaments and Obama's favourites - drone strikes. Yes, you get to call in drone strikes in a beat 'em up game.

Barack Fu's story starts as Obama ponders the current situation of the world, noting that he hasn't seen so many unexplained deaths since the Clinton administration. In the latest trend of killings, "some fool had been icing celebrities" so Barrack decides "it's time to light some bitches up". First target is a parody of everyone's not-so-favourite rapper Kanye West.

There is a possibility that Barack will get to team up with Shaq later on as "some fool" that had been "icing celebrities" is actually the protagonist of the base game. These apparent celebrities might be the demons Shaq clashed with in the past and if this turns out to be true in Con-Ye's case, fans might be in for a ride as they get to put some smack on him.

Big Deez Productions Barrack Obama is beating up some French dudes during a fashion week Barrack Fu: Adventures of Dirty Barry

The setting of Barack's rampage is Paris at first, but the also mentions the battle will go into outer space which might have something to do with the aliens that have been living under the surface of Uranus.

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