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Baldur's Gate coming in 2020, as confirmed by Google Stadia update

Published: 20:19, 14 February 2020
Larian Studios
Promotional teaser image for Baldur's Gate 3
Baldur's Gate 3

It seems that Google heard recent complaints about Stadia's updates being too few and far between, and what better timing to start with updates than now. Thankfully, one of the snippets contains valuable info about Baldur's Gate 3.

"You’re already looking forward to DOOM Eternal, Get Packed, Orcs Must Die! 3, Baldur’s Gate 3 and many more games coming to Stadia this year. Now, get set to explore the inner workings of a child’s memories, or leap into arcade chaos with your friends with a trio of titles making their debut on Stadia this spring and summer...before they land anywhere else. First on Stadia", the update reads.

After a whole bunch of ownership issues, with which we'd rather not bore you with, Baldur's Gate 3's development was taken up by Larian Studios. You may know the studio from their work on the Divinity franchise, with Divinity: Original Sin 2 being a must-play for anyone even remotely fond of RPGs. 

As for the specifics, Baldur's Gate 3 will be using a tweaked version of the 5th edition D&D ruleset, as the real thing would've probably been too challenging for players. Consider this as a sort of a translation to a medium, which requires certain tweaks. 

Even though is still there, unchanged at the time of writing, Larian's representative responded and told PCGamesN, "We haven’t announced a release period, and were included in that lineup email in error."

That said, they refused to comment on whether Baldur's Gate 3 is or isn't coming in 2020, so there's a glimmer of hope that they're just trying to keep secretive about this. Never underestimate our willingness to and persistence in hoping Larian, you hear us?

Beamdog Promotional image for Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition showing a giant cyclopean monster Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition

There's no doubt that Baldur's Gate is as much of a classic as it is an inescapable piece of this industry's history, so we hope that Baldur's Gate 3 will make the franchise proud. If it turns out it's not 2020, we really won't mind, but here's to hoping.

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