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Avicii Invector to add 10 more songs and release on Nintendo Switch

Published: 14:59, 25 June 2020
Wired Productions
Avicii Invector
Avicii Invector

Avicii Invector Encore Edition will hit Switch in early September with a total of 35 songs while PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version will get them as DLC.

Wired Productions and Hello There Games have several treats in store for rhythm game enthusiasts come 8 September 2020. The date was not chosen at random since this is the birth date of Tim Bergling, the man the world widely knows as Avicii. It would be his 31st and all the additions will also serve as a way to honour his memory.

First of all, Nintendo Switch owners will finally get the game in the form of Avicii Invector Encore Edition. It will cost £24.99 / €29.99 / $29.99 and include a total of 35 tracks. There are 25 tracks in the existing Avicii Invector that is available on other platforms, making it a total of 10 new songs that will come bundled with the Encore Edition release.

For those on other platforms, the new tracks will arrive as DLC and are split in two groups - Tim Song Pack and Magma Song Pack. 

Tim Song Pack will feature:

  • Bad Reputation
  • Freak
  • Heart upon my sleeve
  • Peace of mind
  • SOS

Magma Song Pack includes:

  • Addicted to you
  • My Feelings For You
  • Seek Bromance
  • Sunshine
  • Trouble

Keep in mind that the Nintendo Switch version is more expensive than what we have on other platforms currently, meaning the DLC could be paid. The change in price could also be because the Encore Edition will be physical.

Officially, neither Wired Productions nor Hello There Games declared whether the DLC will be free of cost yet, hinting that the owners of Avicii Invector might be able to get the tracks for free, at least initially.

Even if that doesn't happen to be the case, purchasing DLC will not be the end of the world, especially since a portion of the proceeds goes to the Tim Bergling Foundation which is working on suicide prevention as well as supporting other charities Avicii himself had a passion for.

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