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Avicii Invector is coming to VR this month

Published: 18:03, 08 January 2022
Hello There Games
Avicii Invector - The score is bad but the pretty visuals make up for it
Avicii Invector - The score is bad but the pretty visuals make up for it

Avicii Invector is bringing the vibes to VR near the end of January 2022 and it will be a complete package.

Avicii Invector launched just over two years ago on PC and had a stint on PS4 before that but Hello There Games are not stopping just yet and the game will be launched on Meta Quest 2 on January 27, 2022, marking its debut on VR systems. 

In case you are wondering what Meta Quest 2 is, it's Oculus Quest 2, after Facebook's rebranding. Avicii Invector will support Oculus Touch and will not require an internet connection to be played. Some features will still require the connection, like leaderboards for example.

Anyway, the version that is coming to Meta Quest 2 is Avicii Invector: Encore Edition that is basically a complete game with all the released DLC that is separately available on other platforms, albeit at a slightly higher price. In total, the game will come with 35 tracks that will be played through on seven different worlds that serve as background visualisation.

If you're not familiar with Avicii Invector in the first place, we found it to be worth every second and dime invested in the rhythm adventures, either solo or through multiplayer. Generally, the players so far have liked it as well and Avicii Invector boasts one of the highest ratings on Steam, with 97 per cent positive reviews overall.

At the time of writing, it even had 100 per cent positive reviews from recent players.

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