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Avicii Invector demo is now available on Nintendo Switch

Published: 11:26, 17 August 2020
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Avicii Invector - The score is bad but the pretty visuals make up for it
Avicii Invector - The score is bad but the pretty visuals make up for it

Switch is getting a great rhythm game in Avicii Invector on September 8, 2020, but users of Nintendo's console can already give it a try before deciding whether to purchase it.

Avicii Invector is getting the Encore Edition which is a beefed-up version of the game that has already existed and happened to be AltChar's cup of tea . In other words, a great rhythm game that is also a tribute to Avicii himself is getting more tracks and it will launch will all 35 of them on Nintendo Switch.

There are still a few weeks before it all comes along but Nintendo Switch users can already get a taste of the game for free through the demo that is available on the game's Nintendo eShop page

Furthermore, should a player happen to like what it has to offer, the same page has a pre-order button ready. We normally advise caution over preorders but that mostly stems from the fact that gamers tend to commit their money before getting an opportunity to play the game and see if they like it. With the demo around, this is not the case.

One advantage that Switch players will have over those on other platforms will be to experience Tim Bergling's music anywhere they carry their hardware with. While Avicii Invector features leaderboards, the game is not always online and can, therefore, be played anywhere at any time. 

A portion of proceeds goes to the Tim Bergling foundation which deals with suicide and other problems that plague the world so it's also a plus to do some good while enjoying an adrenaline rush-inducing light show based on Avicii's renowned music.

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