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Marvel's Avengers story campaign will be single player only

Published: 19:04, 14 June 2019
Square Enix
screenshot from Marvel's Avengers showing captain america, iron man and black widow
Marvel's Avengers

Square Enix confirmed that their upcoming action-adventure Marvel's Avengers will feature both singleplayer and multiplayer. However, the story campaign will be singleplayer only, while additional, unlockable missions will support co-op.

Square Enix's Avengers project was one of the most anticipated games on this year's E3 expo, and while we didn't get any gameplay footage, which is disappointing, the publisher shared a bunch of trailers that were received with a mixed response. Apparently, the Avengers don't look like the Avengers. 

Anyway, while the fans of the franchise are criticising the devs for not including their favourite actors in the game, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics were busy sharing a lot of new details about the story campaign and multiplayer.

The devs officially confirmed that Avengers' story campaign will be singleplayer only, while co-op is reserved for some additional missions that can be completed on the side. This will come as a surprise to many players as Square Enix earlier talked about the multiplayer aspect of the game.

However, they made it clear that Marvel's Avengers will be an epic action adventure, a narrative-driven game with scripted setpieces.

"There is a single player campaign that sets up the world, set up the state of the Avengers. So, it's very story driven. But where it gets a bit of a hybrid is during the, say, set up of the campaign. Once you go through the campaign, you will have options in this linear story where you can then go off and do missions," Crystal Dynamics creative director and writer Shaun Escayg said in an interview with IGN.

As for the multiplayer, as you progress through the game, additional missions will unlock and that's where you can play with your buddies, choose your favourite Avenger and complete some missions and then go back to the main story.

Marvel picture showing super heroes from marvel's avengers Marvel's Avengers

It's certainly a different concept to the one suggested in earlier rumours and leaks but it's nothing that should worry players who are excited for Marvel's Avengers. The impressions of various YouTubers and gaming journalists from the behind closed doors gameplay demo is more than positive and hopefully, we can say the same once Avengers launch in 2020.

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