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Astroneer just Landed on Early Access and Game Preview

Published: 13:08, 16 December 2016
Updated: 15:09, 09 February 2017

Astroneer has you taming alien worlds, by surviving on your own or being industrious with your friends

The survival, industry and space exploration game Astroneer just landed on Steam and Xbox One Game Preview today. Astroneer has you taming alien environments in a 25th century themed gold rush. The game has been two years in the making by and is their first project, while the individual developers of the studio all have triple-A experience under their belts.

In an uncommon move, the team has opted for voxel based graphics, which should lend it self extremely well to procedural landscape generation and subsequent player modification of terrain and overall surroundings. Voxels are always a breath of fresh air and the game's visuals are quite impressive.

Astroneer - Delicious visuals Astroneer - Delicious visuals

Should you choose to give a shot at this point, bare in mind that the game is still far from finished. A lot of construction and exploration features are still under development, and the studio cautioned about possible instability on the Xbox One version, until the game is entirely ported and tuned for the console. According to initial reviews, hopes are high for the title, and everyone is cheering for a rapid journey towards a complete launch.

Astroneer - Frontier base Astroneer - Frontier base

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