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Assassin's Creed: Ragnarok Valhalla Edition leaked on Amazon

Published: 08:08, 08 January 2020
Updated: 09:33, 08 January 2020
picture showing vikings battle
Artwork from Assassin's Creed artist

New Assassin's Creed: Ragnarok details have started to appear online in the last couple of days. The latest one comes from Amazon Germany, where the Valhalla Edition of the game has been listed.

The next Assassin's Creed game from Ubisoft has been subject of numerous leaks and rumours in the last couple of months. Leaks claim that the next game is titled Assassin's Creed: Ragnarok, it's Viking-themed and will feature a massive open world that includes Scandinavian countries as well as England.

At the moment, Ubisoft are yet to reveal a single detail about the next game but that should change at this year's E3 expo where Ubisoft usually announce their big titles. We know that an Assassin's Creed game is set to release this year since the devs took their time after the release of fantastic Odyssey.

In the last couple of days, some started to surface, detailing the game's special editions which could suggest that the reveal is coming soon, possibly even before the E3. Sony's rumoured PS5 reveal event is coming in February 2020 and that could be the perfect place to shed some light on the next Assassin's Creed.

Anyway, the latest leaks first revealed a special edition of Ragnarok, named Mjolnir Edition and today, another special edition appeared on Amazon Germany. Named Valhalla Edition, the listing can be seen in the screenshot below. As you can see, the product page also includes Standard and Gold edition. Furthermore, it's a PS4 version which suggests that the game will launch on current-gen consoles.

ResetEra screenshot showing assassin's creed ragnarok listing on Amazon Assassin's Creed Ragnarok - Valhalla Edition

Of course, just like any other rumour, leak or unconfirmed info, take this with a grain of salt until we get something official from Ubisoft. Until then, you can check out .

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