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Ash abilities have been partially revealed before Apex Legends launch

Published: 00:17, 26 October 2021
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends - Ash
Apex Legends - Ash

Apex Legends flaunts a lot of style on its characters and Ash is no different as she pulls her sword out for basically anything, except using the abilities.

Ash abilities have become publicly known a little bit before the official release of the character, meaning Respawn might not like the fact there is a leak roaming around but even the official wiki page has the info so there is no putting the cat back in the bag.

Even though the gameplay and launch trailers for Escape show her using the sword a lot, Ash's abilities rely on other things to gain an advantage. Her tactical ability will be sort of a grenade but instead of only damaging enemies, it will tether them to a spot, on top of dealing a bit of damage. Considering the importance of mobility in Apex Legends , this might prove to be even better than straight-up damage.

The passive ability allows Asho to interact with death boxes of fallen enemies in order to reveal the positions of their squadmates. While powerful, this effect can only be used once per box so you can give up hopes of using wallhack after popping the first target.

Phase Breach is the Simulacrum's ultimate that will likely make Wraith jealous since it basically does the same thing. Ash opens a portal to the target location but unlike Wraith's, this is a one-way type of deal.

In other words, it will be used to strictly flank enemies and doesn't appear to be usable by the opponents, which was a handy trick for Wraith, who can bait enemies into unfavourable positions.

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