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April Fools' Day 2017 - video game pranks

Published: 17:49, 01 April 2017
April Fools' Day

It's April Fools' day and Sega decided to celebrate by making Bayonetta available on Steam. Also, Rocket League has a new ranking system and Nvidia has some new tech to make your life easier.

It's April Fools' day today, a holiday with its roots in the Roman festival of Hilaria. Little did the Romans know that their tradition will continue to evolve and become what we know and love today.

Here are some of the games that got us good this year:


Our favourite witch in killer heels found her way to PC. In an 8-bit version of course. This is not to say Bayonetta won't be strutting her stuff all over PC in the near future. Maybe Sega is just testing the waters. Anyway, the game is free to play on .

Sega Bayonetta Bayonetta

Tactics Alexander

If you're wondering why this name doesn't sound familiar it's because Square Enix produced a trailer for a non-existent Final Fantasy XV spinoff.

Rocket League

While was not an April Fools' prank, this ranking system change is.

Psyonix decided that a game featuring cars powered by rockets playing football needed a little more je ne sais quoi. They got rid of Bronze, Silver, and Gold and replaced them with vegetables:

Potato - Hearty, solid, and unflashy. Potato players have a lot of potential, but need more time in the oven of competition.

Onion - However you dice them, these players are versatile, but still learning how to mix well with others. Occasional mistakes can make teammates cry.

Corn - These players have used their eyes and ears to pop above the maze of the lower ranks.

Broccoli - Heady players that stalk the field with a purpose.

Radish - Esteemed players that often have deep roots in the community.

Purple Cabbage - The cream of the crop, they often steam their opponents. These champions are not your garden variety veterans, are extremely versatile, and mix well with a variety of teammates.

Grand Eggplant - Only the best Rocket League players have grown their skills enough to reach this exclusive rank.

Psyonix Rocket League Rocket League

Nvidia GeForce GTX G-Assist

Not a game, I know, but still cool. Presented by Julian "your brain's player two", the G-Assist will bring artificial intelligence into your gaming PC through the USB port. Using "Ghost Play", you can leave your post to go do something else while the G-Assist plays the game for you, using your style of play as a guide. There are some tweaks available such as "actions per minute", languages and emotes. There's even a "boss boost" and "NV Nurture" which works in a similar way your mom does. This wasn't a mom joke, really, the NV Nurture tells you when you should eat, drink and even orders food for you. And if you got that "your brain's player two" reference, you're awesome and I love you.

 Battlefield 1

Unicorns. Someone at DICE went "you know what out game set in World War I needs? Unicorns." Sassy unicorns. And they were right. Just look at them. Majestic.

New Street Fighter EX

A gameplay trailer from Arika dropped yesterday on their YouTube channel. Is this a prank or an announcement? You be the judge:

World of Tanks 

World of Tanks went to Mars this April Fools' day. Complete with barren wasteland in the background and tanks shooting lasers, and UFOs. Can't forget the UFOs. There are even some special pickups to be found in this mode.

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