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Apex Legends trailer showcases new map, weapon and legend

Published: 23:43, 25 October 2021
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends - Storm Point map
Apex Legends - Storm Point map

Respawn Entertainment released a new trailer for the upcoming season of Apex Legends, Escape, revealing the highlights of the content update.

Apex Legends is getting a major update on November 2, 2021, when the Escape episode will start, bringing along a new map called Storm Point, a weapon called C.A.R. SMG and the new Legend - Ash.

Storm Point is bringing a few twists to the battle royale formula and we're not talking about the tropical beaches that are not unheard of in the Titanfall universe. It is akin to the place where we initially meet BT in Titanfall 2, after all, even though this is not geographically the same spot. The twist we are talking about are the spider swarms that will apparently attack players, should they be provoked, leading them to waste valuable ammo and potentially reveal their position to the enemy. Then again, it might be possible to run away but it remains to be seen.

Should you choose to riddle the crawlies with bullets, however, there will be a new weapon in your arsenal - C.A.R. SMG. It holds fewer bullets than it did in Titanfall games as the base size appears to be 20 but the fire rate of over 800 bullets per minute seems to be the same. This means the weapon shoots slower than R-97 but it will probably pack more punch to compensate.

As for Ash, we have already seen and heard her in both Titanfall and Apex Legends. She used to be Dr. Reid, who betrayed Horizon, then became a Simulacrum, got blown up, reassembled, tossed in the garbage and eventually made her way back to the good old memories of the old days with Blisk. Now she's here to show Legends what a Pilot can do.

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