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Apex Legends is teasing a new legend, possibly Horizon

Published: 07:46, 22 October 2020
Apex Legends: Season 6, Countdown, former Drill Site
Apex Legends: Season 6, Countdown, former Drill Site

Respawn Entertainment are teasing some new addition to Apex Legends, which could turn out to be Horizon or someone related to the fictional character that sent us on errands earlier.

Horizon first popped up when she offered several challenges where we would perform various feats in hopes of gathering some type of data which she later referred to as being useful when facing us in the games.

One day later, Respawn started teasing things from what appears to be a security camera on the moon which was followed by the most recent teaser, once again on Twitter, that you can see below.

Keep in mind that the name "Horizon" appeared only thanks to data miners who found some references in the game files which makes things a bit dubious. 

If the new legend happened to be someone entirely different, it wouldn't be the first time Respawn played such a prank on data miners since we already had a similar situation with Forge.

We kept seeing snippets of data the miners would make public about the new legend named Forge and Respawn indeed made a character with the name and correct descriptors in tow, only for him to be killed on air by the actual upcoming character, Revenant.

The reason they pulled bait and switch back then was to avoid data miners revealing correct info early and therefore spoiling the surprise and novelty factor of the new character. 

Apex Legends, Season 4: Assimilation, new guns, legend, ammo type and map changes

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Apex Legends, Revenant

With that in mind, it's possible Respawn are gearing up for a new one that may actually not turn out to be Horizon.

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