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Apex Legends introduces demotions as part of Ranked overhaul

Published: 08:14, 05 May 2022
Apex Legends -  The Warriors Collection Event
Apex Legends - The Warriors Collection Event

Respawn Entertainment detailed the changes to Ranked in Apex Legends, which include demotions that will still be pretty forgiving.

Apex Legends : Saviors introduces major changes to Ranked as it needed to adapt to the growing number of players. Respawn put the emphasis on team and tactical play while ironing out some existing issues.

Chief among these changes is the introduction of demotions. In case a player ends up in a tier where they can no longer progress for the time being, Ranked could turn out to be much less fun since they would be on the receiving end too often. 

As a result, they can now be demoted to the halfway point of the lower tier if they can't keep up with the threshold of the current one. That said, each player has the demotion protection for three matches so they won't get booted out immediately after climbing. Furthermore, end-season Ranked rewards will be based on the peak rank they achieved, not the one they held at the end.

Entry costs will now be more expensive as you move through the ranks. There is also a brand new "Rookie" rank for the newcomers and climbing out of it will lead players to Bronze, which now has an entry cost.

Kills no longer have an RP cap during a match but there are diminishing returns so you won't benefit as much from scoring a bunch of kills, unless you place in the top half of the lobby. 

EA Apex Legends screenshot, showing to game characters. Teamwork will generally result in more RP for everyone

The higher you place, the more RP your kills will yield and vice versa - simply placing high without scoring kills will make your progress shorter.

Assist timer is now 15 seconds instead of 10 and if another team executes the squad you just downed, you will still get the credit.

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