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Apex Legends breaks the 25 million players milestone in a week

Published: 12:57, 12 February 2019
Respawn Entertainment
Picture of Lifeline from Apex Legends healing some dude
Apex Legends - Lifeline

Vince Zampella has addressed Apex Legends players once again, this time around thanks to the fantastic first week of the game's existence. He quickly glanced over the player count, announced Twitch Rivals tournament and Valentine's vanity.

Apex Legends is only a week old and is already a battle royale giant. If the game's domination on Twitch wasn't enough of an indicator, Vince Zampella offered some more numbers that showed just how much players took to Apex Legends. For example, the Titanfall-esque battle royale managed to get a total of over 25 million players and over two million concurrent players at peak, just one week in.

Zampella thanked the fans and players for their support, as these milestones are not easy to reach. Technically, Apex Legends didn't surpass PUBG's prime yet, as the latter managed to , but Apex's rampant growth leaves little room for doubt that this record will be broken too.

Respawn's massive success with Apex Legends didn't make them complacent as they are already organising tournaments that should draw even more players in. Twitch Rivals is kicking off with 12 February 2019 and will continue a week later on 19 February 2019 where 48 of the biggest streamers will be competing for the grand prize. Those interested in observing the tournament can do so on .

Players who are not interested in streamer competitions will not be left empty handed though, as Valentine's Day is approaching fast along with themed loot. Zampella didn't reveal what it is just yet, only stating that the players should keep their eyes open.

Altchar picture showing three characters Apex Legends

On top of that, Season One is scheduled to kick off in March 2019, and it will bring new weapons, loot, cosmetics, Battle Pass and Legends. It makes one raise an eyebrow at here, as "Legends" are specifically mentioned in plural. Who knows, we might be in for more content than we expected, just a month after Apex Legends' release.

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